Procurement, Inventory,
Fleet Management

Web based cloud solution for Visibility, Planning, Tracking & Escalation mechanism for
Procurement, Inventory & Fleet Management.

  Client Testimonial

Case Study of Large Mining Company

A Top Coal Extraction Indian Mining Company, Specialized in OB Removal, Coal, Lignite Extraction and Transportation,
Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) that serve thermal coal operations in 15 sites across regions in India.


Growing from 3 projects to 15 projects made the organization management to explore for ERP Solutions. Visibility, Transparency & Planning of the procurement process for purchasing right spares as per huge requirement and fleet management was next to impossible managing manually at this scale (15 projects). There was a need of hour for effectively managing procurement activities.


Best suited ERP Application for Mining company ensured that the procurement process followed the management defined guidelines for purchase of Spare Parts. Escalation system in ERP Application helped in reducing the delays from company & vendor side. Targets were defined for each activity and communicated to all the stakeholders for smooth completion of tasks in stipulated time and achieving company goals. Building ERP Application with the OEM Spare Part configuration made ERP robust and reduced chaos created by multiple vendors. Quotations received from multiple different vendors are generated into single format, helped in taking important purchase decisions and thereby increasing profitability. Maintaining & tracking of Purchase orders on a digital format helped to retrieve information anywhere / anytime. Visibility & Evaluation of day to day performance of company with regards to production, procurement, profitability will be the primary focus in upcoming ERP Application development.

Managing 10+ operational sites for procurement activities was a difficult and challenging job for us. Reviewing P/L statements, monthly prediction of Expenditure & Budgetary was tough to handle manually. Approached for Tailor made ERP software for keeping and maintaining data digitally. With ERP software, we can track Expenditures, Payables to Vendors, Identify Recommended Vendors, Quotation Review, History of Parts Prices, generate Purchase Orders through web. Cloud solution helped to track & access information 24/7 anywhere, anytime.