Banquet Hall booking engine for Hotels

Cloud based solution to seamlessly manage bookings, enquiries and
appointments. Receivables and ageing analysis can be monitored for every venue.

  Client Testimonial

Case Study of Narenn Gardens

Narenn Gardens operate under four brands – Narenn Gardens, Narenn Jewel, Narenn Nakshatra,
Narenn Convention located in Hyderabad, India. They have been in the hospitality space for more than 23 years.


Narenn Gardens always have a challenge in managing four different venues. Booking a venue for an event based on the availability for a particular day or a slot is a manual task and a lot of paperwork is involved which takes a lot of time. Tracking receivables from customers and payables to vendors are always a hectic task. There was a need for automation of the whole process.


Option Matrix, along with Narenn Gardens users and key stakeholders, has provided solution for Venue Management. Through in-depth process assessment and gap analysis of the current process, Option Matrix has provided application which is based on cloud technology. The application has helped Narenn Gardens in streamlining the booking process using interactive calendar, real-time analytics, timely notifications of customer receivables and vendor payables.