Option Matrix Industry Expertise

Option Matrix R&D team has summarized our experience in specialist areas of providing solutions.
Our industry expertise also enables us to provide insights to our clients on the
most effective user interface, functional workflow and technology use.


In the construction and real estate domain, we have expertise in purchase & stores, inventory management, maintenance management of heavy equipment & vehicles, project estimation and field to office reporting.

  • Field Visit Records
  • Safety Inspection
  • Document Generation & Workflow
  • Purchase Orders
  • Service Orders
  • Material Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Fleet Management
  • Project Estimation
  • Fleet Financing

Field to Office Reporting

The client is a general contractor and construction management company with presence in 3 states within USA. The business is project based and there are project managers, safety inspectors and site supervisors associated with each project. Our technology solution provided an Android App to submit field updates including site images with support for both offline mode as well as sync to web database. The office staff can see everything and generate formatted PDF reports for each project.

Estimation & Field Monitoring

The process starts with a request for bid and the first step is to visit the site to take pictures for each task included within the work order. This is done using an Android App. The system support both online and offline modes of operation with local data storage on Android device. This is needed since several project sites are remote and do not have Internet connectivity. The web database aggregates all pictures and estimates to create formatted bids that are emailed to clients for approval.

Real Estate Photography

Application purpose and function is to setup projects and associate each property to a real estate agent. The photographer is able to upload pictures and videos for each property. The application has automated modules to format, package, deliver, and host digital media for real estate photographers.

Online Real Estate Marketplace

Online real estate marketplace with subscription and advertising based revenue model. Sellers can list properties and buyers can find them. Agents can list properties and act on behalf of sellers. Financial Consultants can offer advisory and appraisal services. Site owner gets a control panel to track site activity and extract leads for conversion.

Real Estate Listing Portal

This project was done for an Australian company to build a decision support system for financial ratio analysis. The consultant can create companies with subsidiaries to generate consolidated financial reports. The input is the trial balance of the company and a wide range of ratios covering assets, cash flows, inventory, receivables and working capital are automatically generated by our system.

Audit Automation

This solution helps to ensure organization wide best practices across business units, locations, divisions and departments. It is an integrated solution to create checklists, schedule & record audits and track discrepancies to closure. Best practice checklists based on our global project experience have been pre-loaded into this solution. Click here for details