Recruitment Automation for Executive Search Firms

This solution is for recruitment consultants who cater to sourcing candidates for senior level positions in the client organizations. There is a proprietary database with deep search capabilities including key seach though PDF and MS Word documents uploaded as resumes of candidates. Recruitment process steps are monitored on a progress curve and steps for screening, interviews, background verification and onboarding are integrated. Mid sized executive search firms is our target segment for this framework.

Key features

Create Candidate

Users can create candidates from the web application and can send the invites to the consultants.


Users can add companies and assign the consultants as contact persons with responsible staff for each company.


You can create the requests for each company that can be viewed in both screens of request and companies.


Users can create projects and assign them to consultants for registering time for each project from candidate login.

Mobile Responsive

This is a mobile friendly login so candidates can register time and update the details from mobile as well.

Info Database

Stores the candidates resumes, info and target companies based on their experience.

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Frameworks and Solutions

Our solution provides the complete automation of workflow of the organisation

Candidate Creation

Staff users can add the candidates based on the request from consultants.

Candidates or Consultants are created by users from the web application

Staff users can send the invitation to the candidates

Requests are send to candidates from the company

Manage Companies

List of all companies pertained to the firm are maintained.

Companies are added to the application and staff users are assigned to each company

Candidates can be assigned as contact persons for the companies as well

Can view the contracts assigned for the respective company

Manage Requests

It is a form for Job request that arises from a company in the firm list.

Requests can be created and assigned to each company

Can update the status of each request and priority can be fixed for the same

Request number is generated automatically while adding

Other Features

Manage Opportunities

- Staff users can add opportunities and assign companies, consultants for the same along with probability and priority for each.

Message Center

- This provides the overall view of sent emails to the consultants in the entire application.

Dashboard View

Summary of the activities and metrics can be viewed in the form of graphs, charts and tabular layout.


All the staff users and application preferences are able to add and update from the Admin screen. Parameters such as company logo, email and name can be modified.

Manage Projects

Projects are created and assigned to consultants for its completion. Each project is associated with a company. Records the time for each project and provides the feasibility to download the reports as well.

Candidate View

This solution provides the candidate login which includes the details and ability to register time for the assigned projects.


All contracts details are stored and can be viewed from different screens

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