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Healthcare & Pharma

Audit automation, gene testing algorithm automation and medical diagnostic scheduling automation are our primary areas of experience. We also have a solution to automate electronic medical records and clinical scheduling.

Frameworks and Solutions

Our Industry specific solution frameworks provide an 80% plus starting point for our projects.

Process Audit Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

This is a checklist based process audit automation solution using a web setup module and a mobile based audit logging system. Both user audits and external audits are supported. The site and department hierarchy can be setup and a dashboard is provided to track trends and scores. This solution is design for pharma companies with operations across multiple locations and a centralized coerporate team to monitor compliance to best practices.

Internal Audit Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

This is subjective audit automation framework for pharmaceutical, food processing and poultry farming companies where agenda based annual or half yearly audits are carried out to prepare for compliance to good manufacturing practices. The process starts by defining the list of production sites and publishing the agenda checklist for each site as well as the scheduled audit date. The auditor team records all observations in a diary and tags them to specific categories of non-compliance. There is a workflow for auditee to post remarks and confirmation about corrective action. Reports are automatically generated.

Algorithm automation for Gene Testing Companies

This solution is for genetic testing labs where the patient sample is received for diagnostic analysis. The sample is assessed via a genetic mapping equipment that provides raw data about the sample. Our solution can automate the specific arithmetic of the algorithm that proceses the raw data as per a set of heuristics and generates a test report for the patient. Patient module is provided online and this is a web based system that can be integrated via API to other systems such as EMR or lab management system.

EMR and Clinical Scheduling for Medical Clinics

This solution is for small and mid sized clinics and hospitals that want to have electronic medical records and track health insurance claims. Patient database is maintained and comprehensive visit records are logged. Multiple locations can be integrated and there is a reporting module to monitor and control the system. User management, rights management and event logging are included.

Operations automation for Medical Diagnostic Providers

Mobile medical diagnostic companies cater to physician offices who prescribe diagnostic tests to patients and the prescriptions are received by the scheduling team. Appointments are scheduled and techicians are assigned. Interfaces are provided for visit confirmation and recording of test notes by technicians. Reading physicians prepare the reports and these are made available online to referring physicians. There is an insurance claims module and a reports module. This is a web based solution.

Case Studies

This solution covers multiple locations for a single chain of hospitals and provides an intuitive dynamic calendar covering constraints of resources, physician availability and specialties across locations in real time - Dynamic calendar is provided and patients have a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms to manage their appointment calendar as well as track the dynamic count down for upcoming appointments.

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