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We specialize in document management solutions for logistics. Recruitment and operations automation is our forte.

Frameworks and Solutions

Our Industry specific solution frameworks provide an 80% plus starting point for our projects.

Recruitment Automation for Transportation and Logistics

This system acts as an automated driver recruitment system, which covers the entire recruitment lifecycle including automated postings on all the job boards, driver background verification, reference checks, call recordings and on-boarding. This is a web based system and has capabilities like posting jobs on Craigslist and gtracking job applications by source. This framework is designed to digitalise recruitment and hiring needs. The software acts as a tool for screening and on-boarding prospective applicants based on open job positions through scheduling automated calls, emails, follow-up and interview appointments.

Operations Automation for Truck Transportation

This framework is a web & mobile solution which automates supply chain operations in the logistics industry. This application’s key features are geofencing for pickup and delivery, registration of third party owner operators, customer order logging, order tracking via telematics, route optimisation for last mile pickup and delivery, invoicing and statistical analytics. The solution is mainly for point to point full truck load transportation.

Document management of Drivers and Vehicles for Truck Transportation

This is a web based framework created for truck transportation companies to use in organizing, maintaining, renewing, sharing and distributing company, driver and vehicle authorities, permits, registrations and motor carrier specific tax documents and information. Alerts are generated for expiring permits/documents. Summary dashboard is provided to track expiring documents and allows the user to setup intervals for alerts. The target segment is the fleet compliance managers/administrators within the private freight, for-hire freight and charter bus industry within North America, Europe and Asia Pacific geographies.

Case Studies

An organisation which has a network of certified fleet vendors and provides B2B service to corporate customers with rate contracts for full and partial truck load shipments. Customers can create internal user accounts and place orders. Orders are matched to capacity and processed. Parcel orders are aggregated across gateways and zonal hubs to improve network utilization. Receivables and bills get reported. Orders close with a POD and can be tracked via GPS as well as gateway updates. Route and logistics optimization heuristics are imposed with moderation.

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