Operations Automation for Truck Transportation

This framework is a web & mobile solution which automates supply chain operations in the logistics industry. This application’s key features are geofencing for pickup and delivery, registration of third party owner operators, customer order logging, order tracking via telematics, route optimisation for last mile pickup and delivery, invoicing and statistical analytics. The solution is mainly for point to point full truck load transportation.

Key features

Load board

User can book a vehicle according to the requirements as capacity, pickup locations, nearby vehicles.


User can manage the payment details like overdues, payables, invoices.


All the offers and coupon’s for specific service type, vehicle types related to business are advertised here.


Driver can message to support team for any help and updates. And messaging can be done in local language also.

Vehicles types

All the vehicles types can be classified here axles, types, payload in metric tons.


All the contractual and agreement information can be managed and downloaded from here.

Devices available on



Frameworks and Solutions

Real Time project management and collaboration

Book and track the order

Book and track the order based on service type

Customer can book the order based on the service type list.

Customer can track the order with basic details order id, lane, vehicle no, current location.

Live location tracking is available.


Create and manage the Trips and driver information

Tracking the trip information as capturing the following information vehicle no, lane, dept time, ETA, current loc, status.

User can raise case with situation incident details, time, expected on road time.

User can call a driver directly to know the exact information if the GPS tracking is not working.

Other Features

Manage packages

All the package details can be managed as capturing the details weight, destination, contains, id.


User must sign up through the mobile app by submitting the following details mobile no, driving license no, Aadhar card no and uploading the documents for the above fields.

FFV Details

Manage and create the vendor details as no of vehicles, trips, freights, service types. Zones, lanes, gateways, drivers, vehicles, rates for the respective vendors can be created and managed here.


Based on the service type the following reports will be generated. Based on the service type the following reports will be generated. Branch code, Provisional order list, provisional xpcn, finalizing xpcn, cancelation xpcn, paid bookings, daily sales report, branch finance report.


All the trips and performance of the respective service type can be captured as booking id, service id, customer details, origin/destination, vehicle type, vendor details, turnaround time, weight, trip type, remaining hours to deliver, time lag, case tickets.

Master data

The post codes, regions, locations, districts, states all the information can be managed from here. The post code is to capture all the serviceable PIN codes by district.

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